Edda still sick.


Well Edda still seemed under the weather at 6:30 am, though she slept peacefully without any meds through the night.  Ning had already shown up for work and we both looked at Edda with concern.  She still seemed slightly warm.  She measured 37.5 C which is the lowest low grade fever. (We are C for fever temps in the house.  It’s easier to remember and we did our most of our fever measuring in Singapore.  36 = no fever, 40 = high fever).  I gave her a Motrin, sent a text to the bus cancelling pickup and emailed her teacher for another day off and asked Ning to stay an extra hour so I could give Vince a ride to school and head to the gym for a quick run.  By the time I got back, Edda was recovering from a bloody nose and laughing and laughing.  She laughed for a long time and I thought I got tricked into letting her stay home, but it was just the Motrin talking.  I took her upstairs and she took two long naps today, both in the morning and in the afternoon.  I did take the day off of work, I kept her company a bunch and napped with her at times.  It was, again, a quiet day for both of us.

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