Olympia, sick Edda, recuperation.

Jeremy doing his thing in Olympia, fighting the good fight.  Though he texted me in the afternoon saying that he is afraid that he’s coming down with Edda’s cold.



I took a sick day today and spent all day with Edda.  She is snotty & a bit warm & tired – but this isn’t a terrible illness (thank goodness).  She ate well and slept a good bit of the morning.  I kept her hydrated with a squirt bottle and we watched a lot of movies.  I cancelled all the care.  I sent out 5 email/texts in total – morning care, morning bus, school, aftercare and evening care.  Can I say it was a relaxing day?  It was a day of recuperation, not only for Edda, but also for me!  I spent the afternoon looking for signs that she’d be ready for school tomorrow.  At about 7pm, she started laughing at her TV shows.  It was nice to hear and I think it means we are good to go. 


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  1. You cannot do this for Edda but a new remedy that I swear has been helping me ward off a colds has been: 1 cup of hot water, teaspoon of honey, tsp of lemon, and the magic ingredient I swear is the 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper. Doc said she could see why it would help as peppers clean you out and have a very high amount of vit. C. Kinda of intenese this tea but I do several times a day when I start getting sick and I really think it helps. Maybe Jeremy can try it……

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