New kicks, Matchbox, rice porridge.

Chinese exchange student week continues!  No waiting on new purchases – going to school with new kicks!


Wed night, my parents hosted a dinner at Matchbox and invited another family who is hosting two exchange students.  This is Isaac’s family, Vince’s pal.  Vince & Isaac co-founded the Beyblade Club which meets Thursdays at noon.  Come and join them, donuts monthly!  I haven’t spent much time with Isaac’s parents, it was fun to get to know them.  The mom is 1/2 Chinese and the dad is 1/1 Chinese, so the kids are 3/4 Chinese.  I asked Ben, the dad, what they are feeding their exchange students and he said the he reverted back to Chinese breakfasts!  Rice porridge, buns, soy milk.   I was aghast!  You’re not serving them American breakfasts?!  They don’t like American food, he replied.  I said that we didn’t even ask, we served, for breakfast, pancakes, cereal & one-eye giants.  I’m sure the enchiladas for dinner the first night were confusing.


This was a fun dinner.  My mom & dad had a blast, it was nice to see.  It’s gotta be a little weird for the students to come all the way from China to see what America is about and land at a dinner table full of Chinese people.  Or maybe it’s comforting. 


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