Usual Monday ride, Canyon, Vince is driving!


Jeremy went bike riding on President’s day with the Potomac Pedalers.  Usually he goes on Sat or Sun and it’s fine, but he hasn’t made much headway with being friends with the weekend bikers.  On President’s Day, he went on the advertised “Usual Monday Ride” and had a great time, everyone was very friendly, the ride was long enough and they went fast enough for Jeremy.  I was like – how can it be the usual Monday ride?  All they all unemployed?  Turns out, they are all retired.  Jeremy, who is now in fantastic biking shape, was working hard to keep up with a bunch of 70 year olds.  Jeremy also just spent two years worth of careful savings (the fun fund is empty now!) on his first, real, true road bike.  So if you gave him any birthday or Christmas money in the past two years, it’s gone now.



Vince is in the middle of a state-mandated 30 hour classroom driving course.  Along with the classroom bit, he gets three two-hour in-car driving lessons.  While Jeremy was out biking with the 70 year olds, Vince got into a car and had his first lesson at the wheel.  On the way to the driving lesson, I could tell he was nervous – he asked how he could possibly drive a car without ever having driven a car, but I told him that’s what lessons are for!  I picked him up from his driving lesson and he asked to drive us home once we got off the Rockville Pike and onto our neighborhood streets.  I had taken the van to pick him up, so he drove our enormous minivan down our street. 


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