West Virginia, snow, grouchy.

After Chinese New Year dinner, we dropped Vince off at scouts where he headed to West Virginia to go cabin camping.  Here’s a photo from the FB page…


The weather here is so strange.  It was 70 degrees earlier this week and then we had a snow storm last night and now it’s on its way back up to 70 in a few days.  I ran on the treadmill this morning and then swam a bit to stretch the body out.  I messed up my hamstring a few weeks ago, so I’m willing it to fix itself.  I’m old, so it’s not listening to me.


It was crummy in the morning, but morphed into a beautiful afternoon.  Jeremy went bike riding.  Edda and I hung out on the couch and napped and watched TV and read a book.


Vince came home and was grouchy.  He apologized for being grouchy and continued his grouchy-ness until dinner time.  There is a big project due in a few days, he made some forward progress on it.


One thought on “West Virginia, snow, grouchy.”

  1. Hmmm you only need "4 to 6 weeks and then you can do the job". Working with the geriatric group can be tricky. Don't undersell it What you maybe don't know is how much the families of these folks (and the very, very underpaid caregivers in this group) will need you. The geriatric crew needs care not cures usually. They have been my favorite group to work with so many times in the past. Though I am not a nurse but have found those nurses are so much more important than anyone else. Good luck!

    As for your friend how about offering to do their weekly grocery shopping, or send them A Blue Apron box for a month or so or clean their house or hire someone to do this or doing their laundry at your house. I have done this for several friends with cancer and it was beneficial because they didn't feel up to doing it and their families were busy doing the day to stuff so things sometimes just had to wait.

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