Working from home, errands, time with Vince.


Jeremy worked from home today to get both of our cars serviced.  It’s nice having him at home.  I often start work right as we get up out of bed, but I’ll take a couple of hours off mid-day to go get some exercise and run all the errands that need running.  I tend to “hide” all the household stuff from Jeremy because of my flexible schedule.  Today I was headed out to mail off the checks to RSRT from Edda’s birthday party fundraiser and I asked Jeremy if he needed anything from the grocery store and he said  – oh yeah, some fruit, and then can you drop of an Amazon return at the UPS store and maybe pick up the dry cleaning too?  And then he looked at me and reconsidered and said – oh, please don’t worry about it, I can run my own errands.  But I was in a good mood and said, oh no worries, I’ll do it, they are all right next to each other.  I’m not always so pleasant about taking on these assignments when Jeremy asks (there is something about being asked to do them makes one resist doing them), but most days Jeremy isn’t home and then I run all those anyways, it’s just easier and quicker mid-day.  But it’s a fine balance because if Jeremy isn’t appreciative enough of the hidden errand running, then I start to resent that I do it and then I hold my resentment in and then usually flip out over some small request. When I’m flipping out, I totally forget that he had, in the past, spent the whole day shuttling cars around to the repair shop.   How do you explain to young folks who are getting married that married life is a lot about errand distribution & acknowledgement? 

I feel like spring can be the busiest time of the year.  This past weekend was the 5th time that Vince has gone orienteering with me.  He is pretty good at the navigation and I think he thinks it is fun.  He’s gotten good enough to join the middle school & high school training team that hold practice monthly and he went to his first training session and gamely went on workouts with kids who are on the national team.  I will tell you I’ve been taking him because it’s a combination of hoping he gets more exercise, getting a sport onto college applications and, finally, an excuse to spend all of Sunday with me.  It’s so much fun to have this time with him one-on-one, we have all this time in the car, we have lunch together afterwards and it’s fun.  I want to hold him tight to me and never let him go and protect him always, but I can tell he will be super ready to go out on his own in a few years and that makes me a whole whirl of emotions. 

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