Ziti, Outpost assistant, good night.

I’m getting texts from Jeremy’s business trip where he shows me that he’s participating in teamwork exercises where coworkers are picking up ziti with spaghetti.  He also mentioned a task where you put an Oreo on your forehead while you are lying on the ground and then without using your hands, move it to your mouth by nudging it with your facial muscles.  Jeremy didn’t participate in the Oreo challenge claiming injury as half his face is frozen from the Bell’s Palsy, but it amuses me to think of Jeremy on the floor with and Oreo on his forehead.  My husband is many things, but enthusiastic team building participant is not one of them.  He can be a party pooper.  I’m sure that most of the day they are discussing Very Important Things that will Change The World and I’m Very Happy About That, but when I see photos of things like using pasta as tools, my first thought is – I’m doing double chores for this?


Vince’s summer contract for his job at a scout camp came in for me to review and sign.  Vince did not ask at the interview how much he was going to get paid.  Remember he said he’d do it even if they paid him a dollar?  Well…  lol, $125 is the amount he gets paid weekly – but! I keep reminding him he gets room and board.  He’s going to be away from home for six weeks this summer.


I found Vince at his desk tonight.  I never see him at his desk, he’s almost always in his bed.


Wed is Arietni’s night and she put Edda to bed and tucked her in snug as a bug in a rug and then she said good night to her and went home and now I’m sitting in Edda’s room blogging and waiting for her to fall asleep.  Good night!!


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  1. Team building kinda drives me nuts. I'm all for being a team player buttttt I once had to sit opposite one of my lawyer bosses and we had to relate our feelings non-verbally! Ughh. I just wanted to type this guys brief and do his filing. First of all I would have gotten fired if that dude could have read my mind and second it cost our law firm a HUGE amount of money. I'm with Jeremy.

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