20th anniversary.


20th anniversary today!  We had to look at the wedding invitation to remember if we made people get there at 10am, or at the more reasonable 11am.  (Thank goodness we made it 11am)  It was about 103 degrees at our non-air-conditioned wedding in Pasadena (though Caltech had found enough money to install AC in Dabney Garden now) and Jeremy’s hair was plastered to his forehead in almost all the photos and therefore, it was fitting that it was incredibly hot today as well. We were suppose to go away somewhere for a few days, but we couldn’t manage that, so instead we snagged a 5pm slot at Pineapple and Pearls at the bar.  P&P is a new-generation restaurant where you pay in full including tax & tip (like a ticket to a performance) before you ever set foot in building.  So I paid 1/2 at the time I made the reservation and I got charged the 2nd half this morning.  And it was very much like a performance – a little silly and incredibly indulgent  (I could only bring myself to spring for the bar seating and not the actual table seating), but perfectly enjoyable.  I ordered the wine pairing with it, and I had 5 different drinks each of which I couldn’t finish, but I had a very excited young gentleman tell me every single detail of every single thing in the drink I was drinking.  Forgetting about the meal, how did I get so lucky with Jeremy?  I’m not sure. It’s still a lot of fun even in our middle-aged-ness, early to bed-ness, fiber-pill-ordering-ness, etc. etc.  Fingers crossed for another fun 20.  or 30.  How much do you think I could reasonably hope for?  I actually secretly desire a whole ‘nuther reincarnated life with Jeremy as a different species.  Squirrel?  Hippo?  Armadillo?  I guess I should look up to see if those animals actually hang out with each other or if they just mate and head their separate ways.  I would for sure be bummed if I’d have to take care of all my baby squirrels by myself without Jeremy’s help.


I’m squinty eyed in this photo.


We said hello to a dog.


We tried out these new battery powered scooters that are popping up around town.


They are surprisingly hard to locate, we went to at least 3 different metro stop locations to find one that was charged and working.


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