Much depends on dinner, last breath of summer.


Last night, we had dinner together – just the 4 of us.  I can’t remember the last time this happened.  With Vince away most of the summer and working the fair and me working late too, we haven’t had the “much depends on dinner” dinners.  Even if we do end up with the 4 of us, most of the time there is one of Edda’s caregivers with us, so if it’s us 4, it means it’s usually 5.


These last couple of weeks of summer (especially this year) is hard for us because Edda usually has nothing scheduled and lots of people are going back to work/school and it’s hard to schedule childcare for Edda.  Vince is also home without strict scheduling and his friends are off around the world on family vacations, so he’s hanging out burning incense he ordered from Urban Outfitters.  (I had to ask him to stop, it smells terrible.  Jeremy said at least it wasn’t patchouli.)

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  1. The square dancing looked sooooo fun. I haven't done that since 4th grade. Hang in there with the nursing. I'm darn toxin' proud of you Doris.

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