Jeremy is 50 today!  A big day.  I went downtown to meet him at his office where he hosted a happy hour-type birthday party.  Cookies and beer.


It was very lively.  I spoke to his coworkers about: Michigan, summer camp for kids, universal basic income, moving into a condo, grocery meal services, rowing.  That’s a pretty good showing for me.


Thanks Nat for picking Edda up from aftercare and hanging out with her until we got home at around 7:15 ish.  Thank you Vince for making spaghetti dinner.


Vince is downstairs hosting a Magic card evening with a bunch of friends.


Jeremy had made some biking goals this year.  He wanted to do fifty 50-mile rides during this birthday year and he did do that – he did 53.


He also hit 10,000 miles on this bike (2.5 years old).  Here are the stats:  since his last birthday, he’s ridden 5,220 outdoors and 3,211 miles indoors.  So how many hours is that?  Hold on…he’s doing the math…ok.  We aren’t doing the math.  Maybe next time.


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