Canvassing & mud.

Jeremy is in Pennsylvania today getting out the vote.  He got the email from a friend earlier this week and groaned – I hate canvassing so much.  I don’t want to go.  But he likes the friend who sent him the email (they would go around together) and of course, the question is, if not now, then when.  So he’s in PA.  I’m not sure where…York?  Hold on, let me check my google locater – yes, it’s he’s in York.  I met his pal at pickup this morning and the pal asked me – do you know anything about the race in York?  I said that I had no idea what was going on, but I thanked him for going and doing this.  He said it was kind of a stretch goal for our team, but maaaybe we could pull it off.  Jeremy and I put our ballots in the mail today.  Let’s see how this turns out.  Fingers crossed.



I got myself out into the woods today.  Such a beautiful day. 


The mud suctioned my shoe off my foot today and I had to go backwards and find the shoe in the deep mud and pry it from the ground while trying to keep my socked foot from getting too mucked up in the mud. 


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