Vince got elected patrol leader – he’s leading the Panther pack (it was uncontested).   It’ll be good.


We went to Edda’s school today to throw a little holiday party.  Georgetown Cupcakes and juice boxes.  A lot of sugar.  We got to give little gifts to all the staff and say hello and introduce ourselves.  We also got to say hi to a bunch of kids, some of them we last saw in Edda’s elementary school.  Edda was surprised that we showed up to school in our Xmas clothing.  We did so few holiday things this year, so it was nice to make this one happen.  Thank you Jeremy.


Vince is still on his baking streak, making cookies every Sunday.  These gingerbread ones were surprisingly eagerly eaten by the high school crowd. 


Sorry, the photos are out of order – here we are with Edda’s teacher waiting for the buses to pull in after the party.


This is nice, huh?  I spy my friend Camille – she’s wearing purple scrubs.  Molly is in the PICU this holiday season.  As much as I’m struggling with my job, I do try to remember it’s 1000x easier than being a patient.  It’s nice to be reminded of that by Santa/Obama.  Also, peds nurses?  Those people are amazing.  Superhuman.  I can barely handle sick grown ups. 



I’m beginning to enjoy medical humor.  Even though no one on my floor is dying, I do have a similar this feeling about math. 

I like this one too:


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