It was a beautiful day today.  I’m trying to tamp down my apprehensions about going to the hospital tomorrow.  I have very strong feelings (v.s.f.) of not wanting to step into the hospital ever again – but I can’t quite tell if it’s because of my seasonal blues or because I really hate the hospital.  I absolutely knew this part of the year would come (when it’s cold/dark outside, when I feel like I should know more, but I’m still clueless a lot of the time and just like – omg, the patients are so, so needy), so it’s not a complete surprise to me that I don’t want to go to work tomorrow but, man, I just don’t wanna.  I want to take two weeks off and spend it all under my warm, warm covers.


I’m 10,000 times thankful I never became a doctor because I think the training would have killed me.

Usually I think I take Ning and Noah out on walks, but today, they definitely took me on a walk.  I needed a reason to find myself out in the beautiful sunshine getting some Vitamin D.



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