New driver.

Vince got his driver’s license today. He failed a few weeks ago because there was a stop sign behind a tree that he missed and ran through it (the sign, not the tree). This time, he told me, the stop sign was so completely obscured by the foliage that the tester said – hey, there is a stop sign behind that tree. He was nervous today, much more nervous than a few weeks ago when he was much more cocky and irritatingly talking smack. This time he said as he got into the car to drive to the DMV, let’s not talk, I’m going to listen to my music to calm myself down.

Pre-test at the DMV

After he passed, he promptly asked to borrow the car for the afternoon. He said he was going to Walgreen’s to buy ring pops and drop them off at his friends’ houses. I said sure, no problem, just also go to the grocery store and pick up some hamburger buns and tater tots for dinner. And then he said – I’ll do that if you pay for the ring pops too. I was like – dude, our insurance just doubled, you sure you want to bargain about this now? And then he laughed and we ate ramen to celebrate.

About to enjoy ramen.

Another Northern Tier video: (I will say this kind of embodies Vince’s talent that will be completely buried in the college application process which I think will serve him well. Jeremy & I both were saying that neither of us, under absolutely no circumstances would we sing and dance to Hooked on a Feeling in front of people who are essentially strangers that we were going to spend the next 7 days with and have only been with them for 24 hours.)

Come on people. Let’s dance!

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