Fair, good bye party

And the fair continues. Vince took the day off yesterday and went shopping with girls at Montgomery Mall (and bought some shirts) and then drove to the fair at about 4pm to work the evening shift. He’s still managing the operations well (at least from what I hear). A low drama year from a low drama kid. I’m scheduled to work this afternoon. And then Jeremy will work the last shift tomorrow, thus bringing our summertime fair adventure for over half a decade to a close. We’ll celebrate by taking Edda to the fair a little before Jeremy’s shift starts and eating: a corn dog, ice cream, grilled cheese and a turkey leg. And I will look at the chickens which are my favorite farm animal. So many different colors and so delicious! Both the eggs and the meat. We almost did not join this troop because of the fair commitment – each family has to put in 35 hours of adult hours which is a lot (how did we do it last year with my working at the hospital full time? I think Jeremy did them all…) – but it took only a year for Vince to fall in love with the fair. I will say that we are in much less love with the fair, but sometimes the love can be reflected from the person who loves it.

The fair at night.

I stopped by the hospital to say goodbye to Audrea on her last shift -one of the most senior members of the nursing staff. Eleven years, which in nursing is forever! Most people stay only a couple of years. She’s the one wearing the little hat and taking a call from our boss who is on vacation, but called in to wish her good luck as a new nurse practitioner.

Delicious potluck!
Harry – one of my favorite techs and Becca – she started the same time I did.

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  1. Doris we are headed to Ireland tonite so I will not be able to check your blog for several weeks. 🙁
    I LOVE the fair picture!! You really do have such a good eye. No lunch for Edda. WTF, that is not cool of those folks. You look so hot at the fair but I love the idea of driving a golf cart! Tell Vince good job too. I’m very impressed but so not at all surprised that he could handle such an event. What he and all of you have done over these last years with that thing has been truly amazing. You put my parenting skills to shame. Jeremy looks good in a suit.

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