Fair, fair and more fair.

Jeremy bought a whole bushel of peaches and they are not ripening deliciously enough for him, but they are ripe enough for me. (Asians like their peaches in the fridge and not ripe. Childhood summer for me is a cold, crunchy peach.) So I’ve been eating five a day because no one else is eating them. I think I’m ever so slightly allergic to them because my tongue is swelling and itchy. Huh. That sounds worse than it is. Don’t worry! I’m not worried about my airway.

I spent most of the day at the fair and mid-afternoon I did feel a little bit woozy standing out there in the middle of the hot parking lot. That also sounds bad. I was worried about heat stroke for about 3 minutes at 3:30pm, but then I felt much better after immediately drinking a liter of ice cold water. My job involves a lot of standing waving a flag and also driving a golf cart around in circles.

Golf cart selfie.
Golf cart mirror selfie.

Here’s Vince holding a “meeting” where he is discussing parking status with Ed, I guess the head of fair logistics? I will have to ask Vince when he gets home. I hear the lot holds 1400 cars. Monster truck night tonight!

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