Dora, Fair, blood pressures.

On Saturday, Edda and I went to see the live action Dora movie. We were the only ones in the theatre. Edda loves Dora. We are still watching Dora videos from 2005. The movie was not terrible. I stayed awake the whole time and might have laughed at certain points. I think Edda enjoyed it. Afterwards, we went to the Panera where we could order using an iPad. Fancy. But lonely.

Waiting for the movie to start.
Post mac & cheese and fruit cup.

Vince was at the fair all weekend. I worked Saturday night where I got to talk to a bunch of old mom friends. Vince’s best best friends from elementary school are all still in the scout troop. A gang of 6, but then once high school started, it really split into a group of 2 and 4. And Vince ended up in the group of 2. But everyone stayed in the troop and everyone still works relatively well together – I think no one hates the other ones, but out of the troop, they travel in different social circles. But it meant that I lost contact with the parents of the other group which is a bummer because I like the parents very much. So it’s nice to see them and have time to chat and catch up.

Manning the board.

Now that Camp JCC is done and various schools are starting up again, Edda’s childcare is more sporadic and spotty. We have some am care this week, pm care is Celebrate Ability camp and Eliana will pickup Edda from camp.

I worked the fair this afternoon and took naps.

Jeremy biked in from DC to the fair to work tonight.

Eliana is learning to be a CNA so she took blood pressures on my 10,000 times.

Jeremy’s last shift of the night.

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