No lunch, Baltimore, fair.

Edda’s been back at her regular after school program just for this week. During the summer, they hold sessions from noon-4pm. Edda’s been at all day Camp JCC, so this is the first week that she’s been back with the regular crew. They haven’t been feeding her lunch :(. The first day, I thought they just missed her lunch box which was tucked into her backpack. I texted and made sure lunch was part of the day and they said it was and then today, lunch came back uneaten again! Poor girl. Eliana fed her her lunch when they got home at 4:30 pm on both days. Hopefully, she’ll get lunch tomorrow.

This is a good lunch.

Jeremy headed to Baltimore today for a meeting. He doesn’t often leave the house in a suit. Most times he needs a suit he changes into and out of it at his office, wearing the suit only for the meeting he needs the suit for. He was grumpy today, but it turns out it was mostly because he is trying to lose weight and did not eat.

Mad man.

This was the first day that neither me nor Jeremy worked the fair. Poor Vince, he had a tough(ish) day yesterday. A few scouts took too long of a lunch break/dinner break and came back to their posts late. Vince had to deal with that. Otherwise, everything is going smoothly. I’ll be there tomorrow.

Me and the cutie Edda.

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