Senior year, bruised knees, almost birthday.

Exciting and stressful first week of senior year. As I write this, Vince is hosting a party downstairs. I’m not quite sure what is going on, all I know is that they are doing Shabbat with Arizona ice tea and Maxi is trying to eat all the popcorn. As for the first week regarding non-party stuff – Was there crying (both on the son side and the mom side)? Yes. Was there feeling like a failure (both on the son side and the mom side)? Yes. So, it’s all going as expected. But Vince also decided to join the BOMS team (the boy pom team) so I got to see him dance (at the house, by himself) to Fergalicious and that was hilarious. We also watched Pitch Perfect 2 together which is surprisingly and unexpectedly really racist for such a recent film.


Edda fell on the first day of school. Pretty hard. She was sitting in a chair and then shifted her weight quickly and ended up on the floor on her knees and her face. When I got the email mid-day – you get that welling up of tears starting from the back of your throat and then to the back of your eyes and then you’re almost crying – I couldn’t really bear to answer it, Jeremy answered it for us. I was like – why didn’t they seat belt her into the chair, they know sometimes she tries to stand up unsteadily. Well, that was answered on Back to School Night when the teachers apologetically explained that her chair actually has a seat belt, but they can’t use it because technically, it’s a restraint and you can’t restrain a student. I groaned and understood – there are lots of rules about restraints at the hospital. I asked if I could sign something to OK the use of a seat belt. We’ll try to figure it out. So we have bruised knees. We did go to BTSN on Thursday for Edda. A mini-date of sorts, we biked to the school together because I knew the lot and the surrounding neighborhood was going to be full and it would take just as much time to park half a mile away and walk compared to just biking and parking by the front door. The whole time I told Jeremy he was not to make fun about how slow I was going, but he said I wasn’t too slow and then we went to eat ice cream. We wore the crazy reflective vests and all the bike lights. It was really fun, we rarely get to to that kind of stuff together.

The knee looks worse than this today.
Do you see the slight bruise on her nose? Maybe fat lip too.

I’m holding $15,000 worth of medication in my hand. My poor pal. There’s been helping out & shuttling to downtown medical appointments this week.

Fingers crossed it works for a long time.

Jeremy’s birthday is tomorrow. His work celebrated today.

Lemon raspberry.

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  1. Hey there Doris! I got your text but the jet lag has made me a little goofy. Yes it was very fun! Cold wet and rainy as opposed to here with 42 days (I’m not counting) of over 100 degree heat. Whoa that bruise looks bad! I’m glad you are a nurse. Tell Vince I said to enjoy this year. It’s the last one so all of you enjoy it. Love you very much.

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