Rocktoberfest, corn maze, IV attempts.

Saturday, we met up with Joe at Rockoberfest in downtown Rockville. I chided them for not buying the beer steins, but they said that they were $10 and you saved only $.50 per 24 oz of beer, so that’s a lot of beer to drink to recoup costs.

Jeremy took Edda downtown (where was Vince? oh yes, recovering from the last round of SATs that morning, pretty much the very last date to take them. I did not pay for SAT prep, but I certainly paid for many rounds of SAT taking. This time he realized he was losing points for not knowing: your & you’re & there & their, etc. omg. vince.) while went for my run and I met them in downtown to say hello and take Edda home with me. I forget that I look ridiculous in my running outfit and that I needed something warmer once I stopped running. I borrowed Edda’s jacket.

That night, I had a lovely dinner with my father and relatives with Edda at Founding Farmers (no photo!) and Vince and Jeremy went to the scout’s outing to the corn maze.

I worked on Sunday and Monday at the hospital. I realized (finally! after more than a year) that my watch does not accurately count the number of steps that I take during a shift because I spend a lot of time walking and hauling my computer around on this little wheeled workstation and when I’m grabbing it, the watch is unable to count those steps because my arm isn’t swinging. For a whole year after each shift, I’m like these steps seem kinda low for the amount of walking that I’m doing and then I’d shrug and try to go to sleep. So I’m excited to strap my watch to my ankle for the next shift and see how many steps I get in because I literally do not stop moving the whole time. I got an IV in on Sunday which I was really proud of because when it infiltrated 24 hours and I had to call the IV nurse, it took her three tries to get it in. It was a challenging two days, but I had some of my favorite coworkers on those shifts.

Today we went to Edda’s IEP meeting. It’s our second year at her school and it’s nice getting to know people.

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