Pancake breakfast.

Yesterday was supposed to be Edda’s 16th birthday party – the annual pancake breakfast. Of course, it was cancelled. We celebrated, just the four of us together. Instead of the buttermilk pancakes that Jeremy prepares in vats the night before, so it can age overnight as suggested by the recipe, Vince had a leftover just-add-water and shake-in-the-container pancake mix he had gotten from a scout camp out. We used that to make about 12 pancakes. We also had bacon and Jeremy made an extra-small serving of his famous blueberry compote (usually we make about a gallon). I dressed up Edda with some sparkles:

I wore my traditional pancake breakfast outfit.

Jeremy even pulled out the griddle and batter dispenser. It was lovely.

We facetimed with Bob on his 80th birthday on Friday. They are doing well in Berlin. We facetimed with Vidya this morning on his 50th birthday in India. And we facetimed with our tenants in the basement also this morning. Edda’s seizures are getting worse – I think we’ve had one each day the last three or four days (I’m afraid to let her walk…which is a bad thing), we have a telemedicine appointment with Children’s on Monday – I was relieved they switched it to telemedicine! I was going to cancel. Vince got into Irvine on Friday – I think he might sweep his college admissions. I’m thrilled for him – so different from my own experience and Jeremy’s experience of general rejection and disappointment.

Jeremy has no more biking videos to watch, he’s converted to watching dorm videos of various colleges Vince could go to. He’s come to the conclusion that lots of UC students want to grow up to become youtubers. He says it’s very satisfying to give the 73rd like to someone’s video. And that you shouldn’t bring very much and not pack in hard luggage because there will be no place to store anything. Quads in rooms the size of our dining room. Vince was telling me he’s not so sure he’s going to be a good roommate. I said that he had to try. He’s high on the mess scale and a little high on the noise scale and perhaps high also on the unpredictable sleeping hours scale. Also! I had momentarily forgotten about the Asian-ness of the UC system. My high school and college experience was heavily Asian which was fine, but omg. Irvine is over half Asian. I haven’t done that in a long, long time… We are having fun finding videos like this:

I’m trying really hard to not read the news more than once or twice a day. I need to stay calm-ish. Like a clam. Like a calm clam.

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDDA!!!!!!! Scott’s says with “that hair Vince should absolutely go to a college in California.

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