Texting with my beloved charge nurse, Astra. I love my charge nurse. I am also quite fond of my manager, Anthony. I need to stop reading the news now. Or at least limit it to once a day or something….

We ventured downtown yesterday because we had the housekeepers come and we didn’t want to be in the house with them and Jeremy wanted to do pickup for coworkers who didn’t have cars and who wanted their monitors or plants or whatever. His office has been closed for a week now, but they are closing it closing it starting today – like you are not allowed to go in because they are terminating cleaning and they want to know that no one is there. Vince didn’t want to come with us, so he took the other car and promised to sit in a parking lot somewhere and watch Netflix. But he veered off plan and went to the grocery store and bought himself boxed sushi and an energy drink. I was mad at him for going and for “wasting” a shopping trip. He said he stayed far away from everyone and washed his hands. I was still mad.

Some of Vince’s friends are still gathering to play cards or there is a camping trip that’s being planned. He kinda tells me this with a longing look in his eyes. I sigh. He says, don’t worry, I know I can’t go.

All of our bikes in Jeremy’s pain cave. He bought me a blue training tire for my crappy garage sale bike I got for free after no one wanted it from our neighbors. Somehow this amuses him.

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