Here we are – what now? About 5 days into self-quarantine. We are fine. Making the best of it. I remember last week when things seemed more normal and we were still thinking of sending Vince to Minnesota and Toronto – I was talking to Vickey and saying that I was scared that they would close down the Canadian border and Vince would be stuck on the other side and she had laughed. She has a close relative who does a lot of business between the US and Canada and she said that he had said crossing the border is a non-issue and I agreed! I know sometimes I can be overdramatic about these things and I said – I know! The Canadian border would be the last to close – they would never close that border and thought myself silly for thinking such an outrageous thing. And it closed – when? Yesterday? Vince would have been stuck in Canada.

Jeremy seems to find it easier to concentrate on work than I. I’m often just sitting around in disbelief. Which, I think, is OK given the circumstances. We’ve all moved our bikes to Jeremy’s bike closet and have been taking turns riding around in our closet. I realize now that he has an incredible set up – three screens, an industrial fan on voice control, clif bars within arms reach – it’s like an indoor biking paradise. Jeremy usually watches bike races and/or commentary while he is riding, but they are rapidly running out of content to report on.

I, on the other hand, watch only pop videos. And this one made me cry! Look! People close to each other and celebrating! I think – we are never going to be able to do that again. And then I cry. I’m a very well socialized introvert. My preference is always to stay at home and I’d almost always rather be by myself. Coffee date? I’d rather be home. Movie girls night? I’d rather be home. Group runs? No – I’ll go alone. So I think I can totally handle staying in my house with only three other people, but it’s not quite true. I know I need little interactions with people to feel like a person. I don’t like veering off the sidewalk to stay six feet away from other people, I don’t like being scared of other people. It messes with your (my) head. And it’s only day 5!

We are going through movies like everyone else. Trying to think of light hearted sweet movies. We saw “Big”. I think the next is Legally Blonde.

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