About 4 hours after I wrote the last post, I was like, omg that was too dramatic. Like you are really going to die and that you’ll never see your family again. Get a grip on yourself. It’s fine! I’m fine! Everything is fine! Haha. No, no really. I did feel much better in the afternoon after keening around all morning. I’m not an ED nurse, I’m not an ICU nurse (though I probably will float there soon). I probably won’t get sick. If I get sick, it’ll probably be fine. Anyways. What is there to do? Nothing except wash my hands. (And sew a mask. Maybe I should sew a mask today. There are instructions on how to do it in the f*ing NYT today. It’s a crazy crafting newspaper now.) Though I do pause at the nursing crisis contract I posted yesterday. It’s 21 days on and 2 days off which is insane. And you can have no scheduling requests which means that they’ll switch you nights and days with only 24 hours rest in the middle which they perhaps will count as one of your days off. There is no question you will get sick doing that amount of work even without covid.

Now that we have no more physical childcare left, Jeremy moved his home office into Edda’s bedroom where occasionally she does things like try to eat Jeremy’s hair. Though managing her is easier in her room than in the first floor space because she can’t ask to have a snack every 30 minutes.

Funny filters on my serious husband. I think Jeremy comes off as a kind of aloof, serious guy to people who know him at work – but really, he’s a kind goofball.

So there are only a few videos I can watch these days. I’ve reverted to reading children’s books – you know like Stuart Little and Trumpet of the Swan. I kind of refuse to watch the weird tiger thing everyone is watching now.

All of our cooking shows are moving home and making coffee:

I’m also enjoying episodes of Star Trek: TNG which brings back fond, fond memories of college and also it is so soothing. Competent leadership in the face of danger. I love it.

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