Antibody testing, updates.

Regarding antibody tests, here’s my worthless opinion – 1) assume that antibody testing is not very accurate and 2) no one has any idea how long antibodies last or how much protection they can give you. If you go in with that mentality, I think the test can give you some information. If you are negative, you are almost surely negative. If you are positive – you should think – OK, this result is 50/50 accurate and even if it is right, then you think – huh, this might go away at any time. Basically, it gives you the most information if you are negative. If it’s positive, I’d retest in 6 weeks and keep wearing the mask (of course, you should always wear a mask no matter what), but I’d feel a bit better that maybe I have some extra protection for a little while. Now, if you tested positive for an active COVID infection and then three weeks later, tested positive for antibodies, that is a pretty sure positive antibody situation. But then you should keep restesting for antibodies to see if they fade away. HAHAHAHA. Crappy testing crappy testing. We have no idea.

Jeremy: got a grant that he’s been waiting for since Feb. We celebrated by ordering food which turned out to be not very good.

Doris: ?

Vince: met with his college advisor yesterday, picked out some classes – English, Chem, Math and some intro to ChemE class (1 unit) and freshman seminar (1). California closed down again yesterday and Jeremy told me that Yolo county’s (where Vince’s school is located) ICU beds are completely full. Hmmm.

Edda: Started summer school yesterday. And we are making some progress on her teeth.

Maxi: Inadvertently ate a dollop of wasabi from our takeout dinner and then promptly puked all over the carpet.

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  1. Doris- This is great info. Thank you! I am glad you are making progress on Edda’s teeth. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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