Dump, tomato pie, TB test.

Edda went with us this weekend to Goodwill and the dump. You see our old toilet back there? I got to throw it into a big dumpster where it smashed into a million pieces. An inglorious end to a decade of service in our house. The house is lighter and just 1/2 a minivan less stuff. We still have too much stuff in the house. Jeremy spent the weekend decompressing and not touching his work. He’s still managing some back pain which originated with lifting a toilet and Edda (not at the same time) and was probably aggravated with poor sleep and stress from his job. So Jeremy cleaned the kitchen, replaced light bulbs, organized the garage. I tried to pay attention to him. But I did work at home a lot this weekend.

My mom dropped off a lot of her summer tomatoes. I made them into a tomato pie last night. It was ok, but I think it will be more delicious when reheated.

Vince is starting to register for classes. He accidentally missed his first window for registration (which I guess means now that all the classes at good times and/or popular professors were taken and then he groaned and thought it meant that he had to take 8 am classes). Being eligible for registration meant that he had to update his immunization records and which also meant that he had to get a TB test. Which meant that he stood in front of me all frustrated asking me how to get all these records and how to make an appt for a TB test. So I walked him through everything. Told him how to make an appt at the minute clinic for the TB test. How to use an insurance card. How to make sure he was available for a reading in two days to see about the test. How to make sure he got the right paperwork. He groaned and said – this is hard! All this paperwork. And I laughed. Dude, this is stuff they don’t teach you in school.

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