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We had an appointment at UMD dental clinic on Friday morning. The appointment was at 7:30 am, so we were out of the house by 6 am. I was prepared to go to the downtown Baltimore clinic, but Jeremy said that the office was in the suburbs of Baltimore and not downtown. Anyways, it turned out that we saw a very nice pediatric dentist who said that 1) Edda has beautiful teeth and 2) that she did think the jaw was broken and referred us to an oral surgeon who takes care of all the special needs kids from the clinic. This oral surgeon is not in the same clinic as the UMD dental clinic. Edda actually did great at the appointment – not too much squirming. One the way home, Jeremy thought that maybe we should cancel the early August appointment at the Children’s clinic because we would receive no more information on Edda’s teeth. I countered that we should keep the Children’s appointment because even though we would receive no extra information, I just wanted that referral in the Children’s network in case the UMD oral surgeon thing didn’t work out. I already called out of the hospital shift I was suppose to work during the Children’s appointment and that appointment took approx 3-4 hours on the phone to get. I do not want to waste that opportunity.

Also, on the way home, Jeremy commented that the 1.5 hour conversation we had back/forth from the Baltimore dentist was the longest conversation we’ve had in a long time. It was a nice conversation – mostly about Jeremy’s work. Jeremy can’t talk about his work before bed (which is my most natural long talking time with him) because he’ll just be unable to sleep. The other time I tend to want to talk to him is right when we get up – but I’m much more of a hop out of bed to full speed right away person than he is. Jeremy need a couple of hours to settle into the day. He really wants to chat while making dinner from 5-6 pm. But I feel like I need to keep working during that time. Anyways, I’m working a bit too much to take care of Jeremy’s talking needs. I’m going to reduce my hours at the hospital even more in a few weeks. So I’ve gone from working 2 jobs at the beginning of the pandemic, to 1.79 jobs, to now 1.6 jobs, and then I’ll soon be at 1.3 jobs. Then I think I can stick in the hour of conversation about Jeremy’s work at dinner time. I can forget, I get a lot of conversation at the hospital and generally have no extra need for it at home and I don’t work through problems by talking, but Jeremy literally hasn’t been out of the house except for grocery shopping since the shutdown and his work can be a touchy thing to talk about with other people who don’t know the whole lowdown. And he for sure works things out in his head by talking to another person.

Vince became an Eagle Scout last night. We’ll technically, he has to be approved by national now before he is an Eagle, but the last commitment that he had to do is done. We were very lucky to have a ceremony with one of his best friends, Sam. It was so nice to see his family and chat with them.

The ceremony was indoors which I was slightly not very happy with, but the boys got it done. Vince was nervous about it – there is a Board of Review with scout leaders that he doesn’t know, and it can be a formal thing – kind of like a nice dissertation presentation. Everything is suppose to be done by one’s 18th birthday – but even before the pandemic, you got a 3 month grace period to hand in the paperwork and have the board of review. And then after the pandemic, you got another 3 months. So Sam’s fake “18th” birthday was going to be on Sunday, so this board needed to happen now and thankfully, Vince tagged along. I think technically, he had a few months more than Sam, but I hated dragging things ooouuuuttt so long since now all the logistics are extra complicated due to COVID.

Not only did we have to call in like 3 extra troop leaders from other troops, but we had to have character witnesses, so Nat and Dara came to join us.

I got to talk to Kate for a bit about Sam and his college stuff. I’m not sure if this is true because we don’t talk that much, but I feel like Kate and I are kind of on the same wavelength about things. Sam is going to ASU in about 4 weeks which is having a mix of online and in person classes. They are making it so that if you want to do it all online, you can, but the premise is that in person classes are available. And Kate suspects that if the prof doesn’t want to be in-person, then it goes to completely online. She’s still sending him – saying that it would tak a lot to convince him not to go, though she mentioned that he’s only heard from 1 out of 3 suitemates and all the Facebook moms are saying no way, no how are they sending their kids. I somehow can’t find the Davis mom Facebook group so I don’t have any feeling about what the parents are thinking – though I suspect it’s much the same as the ASU mom group. Vince’s deal seems to be that 100% of his classes are going to be online, but he still preferentially wants to move to Davis. I’m pretty sure Davis will be happy to take our housing/dining money – though maybe the only students on campus will be the people who are homeless or have no internet at home or have visa problems. On the one hand, I get it. He wants to move out and do his own thing. On the other hand, I’m worried that the online classes will get hard and then there won’t be people around and that he’ll be lonely and struggling. I told him – you know, you’ll go there and there won’t be classes, there won’t be any college sanctioned gatherings, no clubs, no sports – no nothing. Absolutely nothing to join – it will take a lot of initiative to figure out someone to hang out with. It’ll basically be your own apartment and online classes you are suppose to go to in a college town that will be mostly empty. He said that he knew that and that I shouldn’t worry – he’d figure something out. Anyways, that’s how it’s looks today. As far as his antibody testing – it’s in computer/internet hell. When I log into look for the results, LabCorp tells me that he’s not authenticated and that we need to send in copies of his IDs and wait three business days. Well three business days are gone, the account is still locked out and now I think some weird internet thief has a copy of his ID. Anyways, we know nothing. Jeremy says it might be bad if he stays here and does the online thing. He means bad for me. Mostly because I won’t be able to help myself meddling in first year ChemE classes and it will drive me crazy because Vince is fine with school – he just doesn’t do it the way I do it, which, of course, is the only right way. He does it the crazy way. And if he stays home, I have to look at stuff like a shaving cream mohawk when really, this is much better for a peer audience.

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  1. Wow congrats on the teeth. I think is very smart of you to keep the other appt too. College. Hmmm my neighbor who is a doctor has a son starting Pudue in a few weeks. They are driving him there. No planes for her she said for a year. BUT she also fully expects that within 3-4 weeks she will get a call to come back and get him because school will have shut down again. So I guess keep that in mind for Vince. i.e. don’t take too much stuff incase he has to quickly leave and can’t get it all home for 6 more months. Plan for the worst and hope for the best?! Speaking of Vince. CONGRATS Vince on Eagle Scout. I’ve gone to a coupe of ceremonies and they were so touching. Good job and haha love the mohawk!!!

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