EEG gone awry.

Edda woke up with her EEG turban completely off of her head. Many of the leads were off. I replaced the turban on her head with my expert gauze wrapping skills I’ve developed over two years worth of wound dressing, but it came off again when we sat her in one of her comfy chairs and she rubbed the back of her head against the back of her seat. We decided to bring her back to the clinic, have the poor EEG tech work through her lunch to reattach all the leads (we are going to gift her something), and then we put one of Edda’s helmet over the whole contraption.

So mostly success through the day and night, although at night she managed to dislodge the chin strap and have it come off ever so slightly. But Jeremy’s eagle eye on the surveillance camera (during one of these 2-hour long evening work phone calls) caught it in time and I ran upstairs and taped it shut to prevent further mishaps (though there is one lead off and we are just going to have to live with that). And this morning, she woke up with a dirty diaper which has not happened in a million years, so we’ve cleaned Edda, stripped the bed, stripped ourselves and I’m running very loud loads in our broken washer and it’s barely 9am.

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