I gave Vincie little gifts everyday over Thanksgiving day weekend so he would have a little entertainment (I think the campus is pretty empty now – no dining hall service over the holiday and they encouraged everyone who wanted to go home to go home and stay home). I gave him this little Lego Friends set…. I don’t think he’s watched much of Friends, lol. I just really wanted it for myself. Please send some loving thoughts to friends of mine – being a grown up means that you understand that bad things happen to lots of people and really, there is nothing you can do about it besides offering up a hot dish and giving hugs (which have been terribly ripped away from my arsenal of comfort – when was the last time I hugged a friend? I haven’t hugged a friend since March. A stranger? I did it months ago at the hospital when I had a patient who was crying in front of me and couldn’t stop crying and then was profusely apologizing for being unable to stop crying. What is there to do in a pandemic? I gave her a full-on PPE hug). I wish comfort to you all, take care of yourselves.

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