The news is just relentless. Things are busy here, but maybe I’ll just update you with low-stress news in the house? Nothing exciting here. Nope.

Jeremy lost his mouthguard. Where? We have no idea. It should be either in his mouth (night) or on his old-man bedside table (day). Did the dog eat it? Is it with the keys? No idea. I bought him a cheapo replacement at Walgreens yesterday.

I am dealing with a minor rotator cuff injury on my right shoulder which hurts incredibly a lot when I make the motion to hail a taxi. Thank goodness I don’t need taxis these days, but it is sore when I move it.

Vince has a “family” credit card which he is allowed to incur charges on which I pay for. Like when he traveled back and forth from school, he can charge Ubers, train tickets, some food, etc. But that credit card had a mysterious amazon prime subscription on it (that took me 4 monthly charges to notice). Vince insisted that he did not sign up for amazon prime. Insisted! Logged in and everything to check the account. So I spent thirty minutes on the phone with the credit card trying to reverse the charges. They wouldn’t reverse them. (Then I got into some irritated fight with Jeremy for no reason and he was like – woah, you are in a bad mood today.) Then I went through all the charges on the card more carefully with Vince and he made a more concerted sweep of his own amazon account and he said – ooops, I did accidentally sign up for Amazon prime.

Edda got this amazing silver puffy jacket from Louisa for Christmas. I kind want to steal it.

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