Cows, vaccines everywhere.

Finally, after almost 11 years, I bought Maxi a new collar. The old one was nasty. Cows. We got cows. Look how grey my Max is. When did she become a senior dog? She’ll be 11 this year.

This is the week where vaccine appointments are all over the place. Last week, it was all booked all the time. Now you can walk in anytime and get your arm jabbed. Almost everyone I know has gotten vaccinated. The few people I know who are holdouts are either surprisingly surprising or completely unsurprising.

One thought on “Cows, vaccines everywhere.”

  1. Oooooooh poor Edda! And, little Maxi is now little ‘ol Maxi! Jeremy should read the book Code Breaker about Jennifer Doudna by Walter Isaacson for data info. Good but sooooooooooooooo over my head.

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