Quilt, walk, ziti, seizure.

I’m starting on the next quilt. I think this is the one. I’m pretty casual about my quilting. I love my quilts, but I have many “mistakes” in them where the corners don’t quite match up. I almost never rip the seams and resew, I usually just deal with the crooked-ness. For this one, I’m going to try to up my precision game. I’m going to try starching my fabrics so they don’t stretch and relax in weird ways when I press them flat resulting in not perfectly square squares and I also bought a little grippy liner for my quilting rulers so they don’t slide ever so slightly out of alignment when I’m cutting the fabric. Let’s see if the corners match up better. Gina, my quilting teacher, says when I’m pointing out missed points or corners on a pinwheel or whatever, that it’s the mark of loving homemade. Lol. Gina’s quilts always have matched corners.

I went for a walk with Alice and Jojo on Saturday.

Jeremy is upping his baked ziti game. He’s ordered many, many different types of pans from amazon just to find the perfect size for many different types of situations – the three of us, the three of us + one Edda caregiver, the right size to give away, the right size for a party. Glass? Metal? Deep? Shallow? I don’t quite understand what is going on, but I love the ziti, so I don’t complain.

Edda had her worst seizure in a month on Saturday afternoon. She is fine. She fell asleep afterwards in her chair which she does not often do.

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