Salsa, school is back.

Ahahah… I’m so looking forward to hanging out on Sunday nights with the DC Martins. We are counting down the weekends until we can regather on Sunday nights and double dip our chips in the salsa (just kidding! no one ever double dips). We’ll do it on Mother’s Day – that’s when everyone will be fully vaccinated. Jeremy makes fun of me because, though I love our Sunday night tradition (since 2007-ish), I hate these zoom calls. I can get petulant and quiet and look at my phone a lot.

I’m enjoying spring with Sofi. She shows up for our walks in a tank top, shorts and a pair of crocs. I show up in sweatpants, a sweatshirt and a puffy vest and maybe a pair of uggs. She makes fun of me. I can take it from a 10 year old. She went to school for the first time last week. This is what happens at in person school from her perspective. Instead of four classes, there are two classes with two teachers each. One teacher sits masked in the room with the (masked) kids. The kids all open their chrome books at their desks spaced six feet apart. Then the other teacher goes to an empty room and takes off her mask and teaches the lesson into the computer. About 25 % of the kids are in person, the other 75% are at home. And then at recess, you aren’t allowed to be within six feet of the other kids and you can’t throw a ball back and forth either. I asked Sofi, so you think this is better than being at home? YES she said. lol.

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