Sharon, walker, puzzling.

I drove early Sat am to Virginia in the morning to see friends Sharon and Kevin (Jenna was sleeping) and pick up a walker that they were no longer using. We chatted for a bit and I tried to coax their doggie Violet to say hello to me (generally unsuccessful.) These small visits with friends and pals are lifting my soul these days, I’m still struggling through my persistent low grade bad mood. Honestly, I want to stay in bed all day and I do spend a lot of day in bed for no reason, even though I know getting out of bed makes me feel infinitely better.

When we got home, we tinkered with it for a bit. It’s most appropriately designed for a child who is about 6 inches shorter than Edda who can not walk and is learning to walk, but we are using it to allow Edda to walk without us being 1-on-1 spotter. It’s when she has a seizure when she is walking that she’ll fall like a felled tree and smack her head on the ground (she’s done this a number of times, sigh.) So then we are terrified to let her walk (because we’ve also been in the situation where someone sees her have a seizure while walking and rushes to try to catch her and then fails). And the seizure happen both rarely and frequently and unpredictably (about once every 3 weeks) and we want her to walk a lot. We got it set up, removed a lot of the auxiliary accessories. I got into it and tried to fall in it to make sure it wouldn’t tip over with my weight in it. And then, she tried it out. Yesterday, Edda seemed confused in the contraption, walking only backwards and in circles. But today, she got the hang of it and walked to the TV, into the kitchen, back and forth to the dining room table. Also, those wheels are constantly running into the cabinets, tables, walls. We might have to rubber bumper the house.

Aaaaannnndd, we are puzzling!

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