This has been quite a week – Jeremy gone, the kids starting camp (both as a participant and an employee), Emy visiting and me learning to take care of Ivy the cat (diabetic – both very familiar as I’ve been managing insulin injections for humans for a long time, and completely unfamiliar as, you know, he’s a cat) and then, friends who are distraught, not only did I go to Molly’s service on Sunday, I have another service to go last night (church service) / today (funeral) for my nursing friend Rachel whose husband died unexpectedly at the end of last week. It’s a lot (but only a fraction of what my friends are going through, I know!), but I’m working through it. Emy has been a great houseguest, helping out in the kitchen and keeping an eye on Edda while I was at the service last night. She’s leaving today to head out on her trip and I asked this morning Vince to step up a bit, probably with the kitchen stuff, as now I have no at-home Edda-care until Jeremy gets back on Monday night.

Vince is doing great at camp as a counselor. It really plays to his natural strengths/abilities. He’s in charge of 10 eight-year-olds and technically, he’s never suppose to leave them (because he’s the adult) even though he has 3 high schoolers as his junior counselors. So he’s been in situations where he has to go to the bathroom, but none of his charges needs to go to the bathroom and then he has to bring everyone into the bathroom with him (I guess they stand around the sinks?) and then they complain – why are we in the bathroom? we don’t need to go to the bathroom! He came home the first day and said – mom, 8-year-olds are, like, children. I’m like – yeah, they’re eight. And then he said – I’m exhausted. Children are exhausting. And this morning, he called after he had left for camp and said – hi mom, we are all OK (he found a job for a friend of his and is now carpooling, him, his friend and Edda. And he got permission to park in the handicapped spot all day instead of across the street at the school like all the other counselors), but I got rear ended on the way to camp. It’s ok, there is no damage to either car (we got out of the car and checked), but tonight could you teach me how to exchange information, so I know what to do next time? Because I didn’t know this time.

Edda is sleeping a lot of camp which knew would kind of happen and kind of makes me sad (we are ramping up her seizure meds so it’s not great on her ability to stay awake or enjoy a lot of things). Here’s her camp counselor Isabella who seems game for anything and Edda enjoys being in the pool and being in water and I’m grateful for that. I’m also grateful that they bring her indoors when the weather seems uncooperative, which is fine with me.

While at work, Vince is masked whether he’s inside or out (except when eating) and technically, masking is now optional when outside per CDC and national camp guidelines (changes all the time, the rules), but I think, everyone (esp the parents) is more comfortable if unvaccinated 8 year olds wear their masks and I’m happier if Vince wears his masks around the kids because if Vince is sick, even if vaccinated, I want to minimize the risk of transmission to the kids. (There are some parents who strictly said – my kid needs to mask all the time and if you need to eat indoors (distanced) because it’s raining or excruciatingly hot, let me know, I’ll come pick them up). So no one really told the 8 year olds that masks are optional outside, but the 8 year olds are figuring it out somehow. But Vince is enjoying his Hot Vax Summer, already told me he went to the mall and the movies without masking.

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