more updates.

Alice is starting her 2nd clinical trial for her stage 4 lung cancer today. It was supposed to be yesterday, but some paperwork snafu held it up for 24 hours which was aggravating because she had to suspend the other medications she was on in order to enter the trial and essentially, she’s not wasn’t on any anti-cancer meds and 24 hours matters a lot and we were headed into the long weekend and if it didn’t happen today, then it would be delayed until Tuesday. But I saw her pull out of her driveway this morning and ran out and she gave me a big thumbs up. It’s a go! Fingers crossed this works well.

My parents texted yesterday and said that Maxi is tired and sleeps all day and her appetite was down. Honestly, I thought my parents were feeding her too much and that she’s be fat and sleepy, but yesterday we made a vet appointment for today. Jeremy picked her up today (remember we are sitting for Ivy, Emy’s cat, so Maxi is at my parents house) and Maxi is really sick. She’s thin and unhappy. She’s sleeping in the closet now which is not a great sign. Anyways, I’ll know more in a few hours.

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