Maxi update.

While Maxi can muster enough energy to bark ferociously at Ivy, she is markedly not herself. Weak and not hungry, we are very concerned. We did take her to the vet – the physical exam didn’t show/reveal anything, we are waiting for the bloodwork to come back.

Here she is sleeping in the closet under my ironing board. (it’s my quilting closet, it doesn’t hold any clothes, just an ironing board and a felt -wall testing quilt thing-y and some quilting supplies)

And she’s snuggling with us which she never does. Last night, she whined a bunch and we had to put a twin sized mattress on the floor so she was able to crawl onto the low surface and I went to the same twin bed and slept with her for half the night (again, Maxi never sleeps with us in our bed and only half the time in our room and often chooses to sleep in the quietest room with no people in it).

Her appetite is down, she ate this last night (turkey and rice), but turned her nose up at it this morning.

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