It’s my birthday! I feel like this is my last birthday in my “youth”. I’m 49. (It’s one of my favorite numbers – seven squared). Once I’m 50, I’ve for sure crested the hill – more than halfway done. Of course, I’m pretty sure I’m more than halfway done now, but it’s a psychological thing. I think I didn’t convey how excited I was in yesterday’s post regarding the Cherry Blossom. I was completely THRILLED to run that time of 1:35:54. It surpassed all my goals which were in order of difficulty: to finish and be grateful that my body can move for 10 miles, to run faster than twice as slow as three time olympian Jenny Simpson (52:16, 2nd place – so 1:44:32), to beat my time from 2013 when I was 40 years old of 1:42:23, to run under 1:40 – 10 min pace, to pace well, to run faster each mile, to feel strong the whole way.

Today, I’m going to eat cake to celebrate my birthday and have some wine. Jeremy showed me the slideshow Google photos made of me on his phone – all the way from before we had kids until now.

Vince is going to vote in the CA recall election today. Let’s see what happens.

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  1. Happy birthday beautiful Doris. If you celebrated more than one birthday during the pandemic you only have to count one. So you’re actually a year younger maybe even two! You’re a wonderful person in the world is a better place because of you.

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