Birthday and racing.

Yesterday was Jeremy’s birthday. He turned 53. I asked him if he wanted a small birthday party – pizza and ice cream and he declined. He’s spent the last few months preparing and training for this one hour mountain climb race and he’s still trying to drop weight and doesn’t want extra food in the house. He’s now thinner than I’ve ever known him and the last time he was at this weight, he was in high school.

You know Jenny Simpson? She’s a three time olympian, bronze medalist in the 1500 in the Rio Games. She’s making her long distance debut at my (haha! my) road race on Sunday. The run on Sunday is hosting the USATF Men’s and Women’s Ten Mile Championships – so just so you know, I’m running in the National Ten Mile Championships this weekend. I think Jenny is going to try to run it in about 52 minutes. 5:12 per mile pace. One of my goals is to run faster than twice as slow as Jenny Simpson. Hahahaha. Jeremy is a better athlete than me because I think he’s trying to only be 15-20% 50% (edit from Jeremy (40 min for a pro cyclist, 1 hour for Jeremy)) slower than the winning time of the uphill mountain climb. Jeremy also notes though that I’m sandbagging (likely to meet my goal) and he’s setting an aggressive goal (all the stars need to align).

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