Movies and passwords.

Thu, organizer extraordinaire, reserved a whole theatre for her vaxxed friends to see Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings. We went (Ning minded Edda for the evening), Seth, Christine, Jane and George also went. You can see me and Jeremy in the upper right corner with our hands waving. Of course, I hadn’t been to a movie in – forever. I’ve been loving seeing all these movies/shows with Asians in the lead roles, in just the last month I’ve watched Never Have I Ever (Netflix), The Chair (Netflix) and now this movie. Much of the movie is in Chinese. I have a weird feeling that for this “narration” kind of language where the wording is a bit more formal and the enunciation clear and the speech is steady (think NPR or This American Life), that I might understand more Spanish than Chinese since Spanish is so close to English. Chinese is still much, much better for casual, spontaneous conversational talking. I still can’t spill out the simplest things in Spanish.

We are still looking for someone to help with Edda in the evenings. Yesterday we had a promising lead, but, as was inevitable sometime during the search, she told me she wasn’t vaccinated. This was someone who works in the public school system during the day. I was disappointed, but not surprised, but I didn’t take the opportunity to encourage her to get the vaccine which I had promised myself I would try to do each time when faced with an unvaccinated person. I’m still struggling myself with being productive, I still do mostly want to lie in bed and watch TV. I feel like 2 years ago, I could cross things off my list quickly and to-do lists were motivating. Now, I find them onerous, but had been making strides by cutting back my obligations. But things can throw me off, like the unvaxxed childcare conversation happened at 2:30 pm, which I wasn’t expecting and then I knew I had to leave the house at 4:30 to get Edda from aftercare and I couldn’t muster myself to work well after the phone call. I think in the past, I would have been able to do that easily, but not yesterday. And I decided, finally, that I needed a password manager, so I started that a few days ago. There are just too many passwords that need to be kept track of and that need to be shared with Jeremy and Vince. So I’m paying for a password manager and added like two simple, non-critical things to it to try to learn how to use it, Southwest and WordPress, and the I got to the first financial website and they want me to *call* them to change the password. But I think Jeremy needs to call because I think, technically, it’s his account. And then I just want to go to bed and watch TV. Hahaha.

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