The furniture did make it to Philly. The unloading was more expertly done than the loading. The German chest:

The NYC murphy bed which needs to be anchored to the wall/floor and will be done another time.

The Taiwanese table with glass top. I’m happy the furniture is back with the original owners and I think Bob and Katherine are happy to have the furniture back. We’ve been, in Rockville, unfurling the house back into our “empty nest” configuration – with Vince gone and all this extra furniture gone. Our house is still full and needs more decluttering, but I think I got over 1,000 pounds out of the house this weekend.

Jeremy took ground transit for the first time in over 18 months. First the train to DC.

And then the Metro with his new comfy behind the head KN95 masks.

I was at the hospital yesterday. Somehow, the night charge nurse, managed to keep full nurse staffing on kind of an empty floor (both of our techs called out – that was the reason) and so I had three patients for like 80% of the day. When she handed me the assignment, she’s like – it’s Christmas today. A dream. I got all of my online training done for the new software implementing in October during my shift. That is going to be a mess. I found out that a couple of nurses are doing local COVID contracts – 8 week contract for three shifts a week for $3900 per week. That’s $1,300 a shift. That is a lot of $ and I’m curious to hear how the experience is. You know when you work on a covid unit, most everyone is a travel nurse and so no one there really is friends with each other – you go to work and no one says hello to you and you gotta take care of folks who decided to not get vaccinated. I think the $3900 is reasonable and pretty much what it takes to get someone to work on that unit. Everyone is in/out to make their money and go home.

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