on the moooove.

Money is just flying out of the house. September is the season for that. Totally expected for me, a little unexpected for Vince. He’s moving into an apartment and needs to buy all the things – pots, sheets, shower curtains, cleaning supplies, food, etc – and I had told him we’d cover those starting expenses, but that he will soon need to budget. He called me slightly upset from the parking lot of the Davis Target and said, I feel so bad, I spent so much money! I didn’t know it would add up to hundreds of dollars. (Haven’t we all said that at the Target checkout line?) I said, it’s a lot of money, but it’s always a lot of money to move into your own place. And now you know, when you move yourself, how much $ it is to just start out. He said – I spent like a more than a week’s worth of my work at Camp JCC. I need to learn to budget.

We moved the murphy bed and the german chest and the taiwanese table to Philly to my in-laws house. For the moving out, we hired some movers and there were hiccups, but it all eventually got into the U-haul. Jeremy drove up to Philly last night and spent the night there.

Look at this photo: All I can see is how grey my hair is and what the hell is going on with my mullet? I’m still sporting pandemic hair. I haven’t gotten my hair cut by a professional in years now.

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