The stairlift has been squeaking terribly for the past few weeks (months?) and we are trying to fix it. While I was taking it apart, I noticed that the battery connections were corroded. So that needs to be cleaned and new batteries need to be ordered. I leaned on Jeremy and his lubrication knowledge – he spends an inordinate amount of time thinking of different types of lubrication because of his bike chains/maintenance. I just wanted to kind of cover the whole thing in WD-40, but Jeremy was like -nonono! WD-40 dissolves all the existing lubricants, it’ll be no good in the long run.

So I thought one of these wheels was stuck and not rolling, so Jeremy found a particular lube that he uses for his bike and dripped it onto to stuck wheel and we let it sit overnight and then this morning, it rolled! no squeaking. You can see on the base of the chairlift when it was manufactured – we’ve had this stairlift for almost ten years. This was easier than my solution which was to take the whole chair off the rail. It’s easy to find dishwasher repair videos, it’s much harder to find stair lift repair manuals and none show a person removing a chair from the rail. And if I screwed up, I’d be carrying Edda up and down the stairs for a while until I got a repairperson to come.

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  1. Man you guys are amazing! It really is something how darn smart y’all are. Engineers are the best most handy and useful people in the world!!!!!

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