Fever – covid rule out.

Edda is running a fever today – 100-ish. She’s home with me. I noticed a slight runny nose last night, but brushed it off, but she had a semi-restless night and then the fever this morning. So we are home, cancelled all the friend/family gatherings. If you can believe it, Edda (and Jeremy) have never been tested. I’ve been tested once. Vince has been tested about 100 times. I had heard that covid testing was hard to get, so I couldn’t get an appointment today, but I got one tomorrow about 30 min away. I’m still achy from my booster on Wed. Now I wonder if I’m sick myself. Jeremy texted that he was sorry that he wasn’t here to help, but honestly if it’s covid, it’s just as well that he’s gone for 10 days. And I should be super immune the next two weeks at least. It doesn’t seem very covid-like – fever (none of my covid patients ran a fever), snotty nose, not too fatigued. We are now masking in the house and taking turns eating (feeding). This results in masks filled with snot. I ordered more. Edda is our weak covid link. She’s vaccinated, of course, but she’s in close contact with people all day. Masking for special needs kids is hard. I know all the staff try, but sometimes it just can’t be super consistent.

One of my favorite things I’ve done with Vickey is our 2-person book group. We made it about 6 books and then stopped. Maybe Middlemarch this time. We are trying.

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  1. Oh dear. I hope y’all are going to be okay. Let us know how things progress. Keeping you and Edda in our thoughts.

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