Beacon, booster, dinner.

My parents were kind enough to drive Jeremy to the airport early in the morning with his enormous amount of baggage. Including the comfy elastic behind the head KN95 mask and sound cancelling headphones.

As soon as he got to his hotel, he assembled the bike and took it on the ride to do in Santa Fe. Straight up a mountain – fantastic (10,000 ft) ! And straight back down (30 mph (sigh. the biking does make me nervous all the time. and no way, no how do you want to be in a hospital now because everyone is tired and it can be hard to get a bed) and freezing cold and 7,000 ft) I asked – Did the workout feel bad, you know, because there isn’t that much oxygen? He said it went fine. I can never run well plopped down suddenly at altitude. Jeremy kindly sends me a beacon to track his biking. I think it’s suppose to alarm me if it senses he’s in a crash…

Happy Jeremy at the top.

I got my booster through work yesterday. I was achy yesterday and achy again today. I ran a fever after the 2nd dose, but I think I’m not feverish. I almost can compartmentalize the pandemic so that my mood isn’t affected too much by the status of the pandemic. I just can’t go around in a state of panic each day, it’s not productive. I’m not sure how much the booster will help me past the initial 2 week boost, I’m trying to not think about it too much. I said something about “back to normal” a few days ago and Jeremy’s like – this is it, there is no going back. This is normal – which, today since I’m under the weather, is depressing. With Jeremy gone, I usually order Hello Fresh to make dinners for me and Edda, though I’m slow. I think this one said 30 min prep. I think it might have taken me 50 min or an hour.

I spy on Vince a bit too (he lets me). Here he is in class. It makes me happy.

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