Eating and celebrating together.

We celebrated Chinese New Year on Saturday with my parents. My mother ordered a large stuffed duck which was delicious. Scarlett (dog so white) probably hasn’t celebrated CNY before, so she enjoyed it immensely. Lots of meat.

I went to the hospital on Sunday. I got to put in one last shift with my work wife Rachel – she’s quitting to do local travel nursing in a few weeks. I had a very difficult patient and she helped me the entire shift with this one patient. Difficult meaning unstable/unpredictable, not difficult meaning yelling. I dislike having an unstable pt on a Sunday because it’s the weekend crew and therefore slightly a rag tag team, but since Rachel was there, we handled it together and my patient made it through my shift. And then we went out to dinner (!) at a god damn restaurant (!) spur of the moment (!) and ate an entire large fried fish (!) with sweet chili sauce. And it was fabulous and delicious. lol.

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