Wordle, Roomba, lice.

A frustrating wordle day (don’t look if you haven’t done it and want to do it!). I’m in a funk. A long time ago, I learned that these funks come and go for no good reason. Everything is as funk-a-licious as it was two days ago, yet two days ago, I was A-OK. haha. Jeremy is like – you are less fun when you are in a bad mood. I’m less fun to be with myself too.

I’m goal-less and just wandering around my life. Jeremy is like – yeah, that’s why you are so good at decluttering the house. I know! I’m like a roomba, bumping and changing directions in random ways and slightly decluttering at the same time and each day, I go back to home base and rest. And that is true. OK, here’s the new goal. I’m going to make it through Middlemarch (which Vickey is 15 chapters ahead of me aiming for a mid-March finish), I’m going to finish the will and get most of Edda’s adult things done and *then* I’m going to figure out the next 10 year plan. My last 10-year plan went super well which was to do this nursing thing, I did not plan on the pandemic to cap it all off, but I made my goal of making back the money I spent on school and meeting lots of people and boy was it a (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Yesterday was de-lice day for Edda. Eliana helped. I think we caught it early, but because we did, a lot of the nits are too small for my highly recommended comb. So I’m going to be handpicking for the next few days.

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