We had a nice day yesterday – Sofie and Mike came over for dinner and we talked a lot about learning languages. Sofie picked French out of the middle school offerings of French, Spanish and Chinese. Mike learned German, I learned French, Jeremy learned Russian.

We are excited about the olympics. NBC promised that their peacock channel would be better this time, we were subscribed for the Tokyo ones, but it was a miserable streaming experience and I missed so many things I wanted to see – even after they were over and I wanted to watch the replay. We don’t have cable, we don’t have regular broadcast – we don’t really watch TV programming – so we just subscribed for this. My parents made profiles and when I found out who they picked – well, very funny. Jeremy and I watched a bit together yesterday, they have some preliminaries before opening ceremony and they are streaming some recent world events leading up to the Olympics – a lot of the video is from Europe, so there isn’t any English commentary, there isn’t any commentary at all, so there we were watching some World Cup event for 15K cross country skiing mass start in Europe that happened in January, Jeremy and I commentating it ourselves and not knowing any of the rules or who the favorites are and how long the race is suppose to be. Commentary like – woah! he crashed out of bounds, is he allowed to get back up and keep going or like – do you think they are faster than runners? How much faster? Well they are faster downhill for sure, but uphill? That looks like a very steep hill. High on no-true-information color, low on any sort of analysis.

I will admit to missing the old school prime-time olympic broadcasts (I suspect they still do this, but I honestly have no idea). I know they were US centric and that only the flashy sports got coverage, but I like that everyone was watching the same thing at the same time in the whole country. But I miss the ddaaa-daaa-da-da-da-da-daaa dum-dum-dum… etc. of the whole thing, but I probably am watching the whole thing wrong. I am old and not with it anymore. I get pleasure from sorting out all the expired medication in my cabinet.

Edda and this doggie. They do get along well.

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