Boring updates.

Jeremy is feeling well enough to do some light workouts. This is what his test looked like today.

I spent most of yesterday resting and sleeping and I feel pretty good today. This is my test result this morning (disregard the dirty rug pls):

Someone asked if I was sicker getting Covid or sicker from the vaccine. For Jeremy, no question, was sicker from getting Covid. For me, it might be a toss up – I think the reaction from the shot was stronger, but was shorter. This illness will take a week for me to recover from. Eh, I think I’m sicker from Covid than from the vaccine. Anyways, I couldn’t get anyone else sick from the vaccine and this whole week I could have gotten someone sick which makes me feel bad. lI have mixed feelings about getting covid now. I feel a little disappointed because I managed to avoid it for so long – to get it now when the numbers are so low, I feel like I failed a bit. But I’m also a bit relieved because I know I got the most current variant and now have hybrid immunity, I should be protected for a bit until the next variant – which I estimate is 6-8 months. No need to get the 2nd booster.

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