Discouraged and TV.

Jeremy tested negative (finally) last night. I’m still testing positive today – honestly, I’m a bit bummed…if I use Jeremy’s timeline for myself, I won’t test negative until the 22nd. Maryland freed me from isolation on the 14th or so – but I still felt pretty sick then – that might have been the worst day. I feel good physically, I worked most of the day on Friday – though kind of slowly. No running yet for me. I will be well just in time to go back to the hospital for a shift. I know, I know – lots of people have lots of big issues and these are small issues compared to those, but we missed spring break, we are going to miss family Eastover dinner. We are both going to lose 2 weeks worth of training for our big races and it’s not just losing the training, but we’ve both detrained a lot. oh well. What is there to do? Honestly, I’m most happy that it seems that Bob and Kiki did not catch it from us for their one overnight stay. And our vacation rental was used the whole time by people we love.

The week was not an entire wash. I managed to correspond with our estate lawyer to make progress on our will (this has taken over a year because we are lame and who wants to think about death? no one.). We filed for guardianship for Edda this week with the Circuit Court. I got an appointment with the Social Security office in a couple of weeks (this involved 2 hours on the phone, mostly waiting). I’m grateful all these offices are less than 3 miles from the house. Edda has a new (old) iPhone, new iPad (birthday), new email address, new phone number. For this modern age, Edda needs all those for accounts, logins, etc. I cleared off a desk of old paperwork/bills and I managed to quilt a bit.

This is the scene from my spot in the bed. That TV was Vickey’s she bought 17 years ago for some enormous sum of money and she gave it to me when she upgraded many years ago. It bit the dust sometime last week and when I told Vickey – she said that the salesman said it would last at least 5 years, so it outlived his estimate by a long, long time. We don’t watch TV a lot (Edda is the main TV watcher in the family), but we do usually watch a single youtube video at about 9:00 pm (see the time? I’m missing a working TV right now) for about 15-20 minutes. Usually something silly, a cooking one or a travel one or a woodworking one or an animal one. But it’s when we’ve both put away our phones and discuss a little fun thing to watch. When Vince is at home, we often invite him over to crawl into the bed and choose with us – meaning he gets to decide and introduce us to some weird kid thing. At first, we weren’t going to replace the TV because I didn’t want to spend the $ for 15 minutes everyday. We were like – we can watch on a laptop – or one of our phones. But I missed it each night. So we are going to buy a TV for that spot and say goodbye to Vickey’s old TV (I did ask Vickey if she was ready to upgrade her TVs right now again (she has good taste in TVs) and she said – no, I’m good. lol.)

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